Capstone project

1.I learned a lot about how to take better care of my dog. 2. I think I did a really good job I knew what I was talking about and I had visuals and stats. 3. I can have more info so I can get better time I can make more eye contact. 4. I would have practiced more before I presented. 5.  I wish I would have had more information. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t talk too fast.  Now that I have reflected on my presentation I feel better about it.

Chance the Rapper

He was in the New York Times for being one of the most influential people. He takes people’s income into consideration instead of selling his albums like mostly everyone does he streams them for anyone to hear for free. He always gives back to the community in Chicago. He has done many free shows or has donated to charity’s. His lyrics mean something some people just rap or sing about anything.  He is a political force as an anti-violence campaigner in Chicago which is his hometown. He donated 1 million dollars to Chicago public schools. He has won a few grammys. He truly inspires young people. He always makes sure that he donates as much as possible and he has never been in the media for a negative reason. He is the true definition of a influential black male. A lot of people look up to him because he gives back and he isn’t a selfish person.  He really loves to speak to his fans in a genuine way. He is currently 24 years old his hometown is Chicago as mentioned before. His actual name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett. He is an American, Christian Rapper, singer, pilanthropist, record producer, and also an actor.Image result for chance the rapper influential

Elementary School ‘Share Tables’ Keep Unwanted Lunch Food Out of Trash

The students in Florida specifically the elementary ones in Orange County have been finding new ways to not waste food. The food that the students don’t want get put on the share table. This is for any other student if they want to grab something else to eat but at the end of the day if there is food still leftover they give it to needy families. This is a good idea because some students may not get filled up by their regular lunch and there is easy access for needy families to get food. I think that every state should do this because it has us come together as one to help people in need. This can help students who may not be afford to buy a whole lunch so it would be helpful to at least eat something in their stomach. This can also help you because of the good you did by sharing your food something good might come back to you.